Tree Service Company in Arlington, TX

Henrys Tree Service of Arlington provides Tree Services such as certified arborist, land clearing, tree disease, tree trimming & pruning, tree removal, and more!


*This includes Arborist, Land Clearing, Sick Trees, Tree Disease, Tree Doctors, Tree Removal, Tree Trimming, and more!

Tree Trimming

If you need proper tree trimming and pruning, give us a call. We have certified arborist who qualify to trim trees.

Tree Removal

If you need safe tree removals, call Henrys Tree Service of Arlington. We offer safe and insured tree removals in Texas.

Tree Treatments

Is your tree sick or dying? We provide effective tree injections from Mauget, the leader in tree injections.

Tree Disease

Are you having issues with tree diseases in your residential or commercial properties? We can help save your trees!

Tree Service Arlington Provides You With:

Arborist / Tree Doctor

Tree service Arlington provides some of the most experienced arbor care in North Texas. With three arborists on staff ready to combat tree disease, sick trees, and give you the proper diagnosing for your plantation. We also have some of the latest technology in tree injections and treatments. Diagnosing on your plantation is the first step to identifying the problem is with your trees. If you are experiencing browning on leaves, premature leaf foliage, or die back which is the death of many branches on your trees you could be experiencing a full-blown insect or disease penetration. Protect your tree species the most valuable asset on your landscape by calling one of our trained professional arborists to help you today. We also offer organic treatments for the long-term treatment and protection of our environment.

Tree Removal

Having state of the art equipment and personnel to help every individual with their tree removal. We have experience and in-house tree engineers that are professional in cutting down your trees to not damage nor your property in general. Tree removals in Arlington, Texas need to be treated with caution and be taken care of with professionalism. Doing the correct tree removal is extremely important so hiring a experienced professional from Tree Service Arlington is the right choice to go with. You want the best in the metroplex taken care of your trees today.

Tree Trimming

Not all tree companies are created equal when he comes to tree trimming. Having an arborist instructing and educating our professional tree trimmers is probably one of the most important assets we have in house. This allows our tree trimming team to know The right seasons for different tree species to be trimmed, The accurate, precision cuts that need to be made and most importantly the branches that should be trimmed from the tree. All of this information is gathered from the international Society of arboriculture and the tree forestry management educational learning. This puts us one step ahead of our competitors by ensuring that our clients have the very best and professional tree trimming in Arlington tx.

Lot Clearing

Arlington Texas is a growing community and a wonderful suburb to live in. Lots of new businesses and new residents are moving to this great city. If you find yourself buying a lot in need land clearing or your commercial owner and looking to construct a new commercial building.Bring real solutions to land clearing Arlington Texas projects. Offering the very best in land management and also in land engineers to be able to help you with your next land clearing job. We also have in-house arborist to help you make the right choices for tree management and conservation when it comes to the land clearing. This allows you to be able to choose the very best and healthiest trees to conserve the natural beauty of your land. For your next land clearing, Arlington Texas proposal gathering give us a call.

Stump Grinding

The best and most efficient way to remove your stumps is to grind them down. The proper procedure here with Tree Service Arlington we grab the stump from the root flares and the main roots that are attached to the soil under. We have the latest technology and equipment to remove all your stumps without any damage being caused to your landscape and property in general. We have time and time again given our clients the best satisfaction of getting out those nasty stumps from there residential or commercial buildings landscape. Just give us a call today or fill out the contact form now to get your estimate and profsesional out there now.


We provide Certified Arborist in Arlington, TX.

We provide Tree Removal in Arlington, TX.

We provide Tree Trimming in Arlington, TX.

We provide Lot Clearing in Arlington, TX.

We provide Stump Grinding in Arlington, TX.

What Our Company Is About

Our company has been in the tree industry for well over a few decades now. Serving the vast majority of all tree services in Arlington, TX today and excelling forward to supply all tree services in the metroplex.

We have state of the art technology and equipment that is without a doubt the latest and greatest that you could get here around.

We have served tree removal, tree trimming, tree disease diagnosing and treatments, stump grinding, and specializing in providing in-house professionally experienced arborist. We are the right choice for your tree care needs and other tree services that you may be in need of.

If you’re looking for a dependable and prompt tree service company in your area then we are the correct and right fit for all your tree needs. We have serviced thousands of trees all across the North Texas region and have seen all tree diseases and what exact treatments, solutions for your trees today. Tree Service Arlington has helped many homeowners and property owners develop landscapes that are in need of trees, maintaining the trees health to its highest potential, and most of giving our clients the right solutions the very first time to keep them happy at all times. Call Us Now At (817) 402-2820 To Get Your Free Estimate Now! 

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