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We provide Arborist who are Certified by the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA).

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Eradicating tree diseases in all North Texas trees is our main goal here at Tree Service Arlington. We want to keep our ecosystem as clean and maintained to the best health as we can for not only you homeowners and commercial owners but for the world in general. We are a company that stands for excellence and providing the very best for our client’s trees. Servicing well over hundreds of trees for decades now and now working for hand and hand with the Forestry commission to work out better plans to help eradicate all tree diseases in our service areas.

Eradicating All Sick Trees in Arlington, TX.

When it comes to your trees you want the best most experienced and informative arborist/tree doctors in Arlington TX. It can be tricky on who to trust your trees with especially you have no idea what tree service company is the right selection. We can tell you first hand that our arborist/tree doctors will inform you every step at a time. make sure you’re well informed of what we are doing to your trees and giving you the correct diagnoses for your specific concern the first time. It is vitally important that you understand what the tree doctor says and what he does so you can know what happens to your trees at the end result and do your research if you want.

Dutch Elms

Dutch Elm disease is a fungus that clogs up the vascular system of the Elm tree. This disease is really aggressive in his later stages and prevents water movement to the crown causing the vascular system of the tree to get clogged up not allowing water to be transmitted to the upper part of the trees branches. This results in the tree turning brown and causing dieback and the leaf system to wilt.

Vascular System Suppressant

In the same manner that oak-wilt prevents water from traveling in through the vascular system of Oak trees this aggressive disease can eradicate your plantation in in them in a matter of months. Treatment for it is available through micro-injections if caught early enough the tree very good chance of survival. if you notice the crown of your elm trees turning brown with prematurely foliage. Call one of our trained professional arborist if you’re having symptoms on your elm trees today.

Fungi Diseases

Fungi can affect any tree species at any time from spring to summer. Normally fungi is caused from either overwatering in proper pruning tactics just to name a few of the culprits. The importance of treating fungi in this early stage is essential to the overall will be in of the trees health. In most cases if the fungi is on the bark system it normally means at the trees escolar system has already been contaminated and you should seek an arborist immediately.

Fungus Can Be Treated

There are several treatments in the market today one of them being microinjections work very well to combat this disease and stop it in its tracks. Any tree disease quick action is probably one of your best solutions to preventing your tree from Dying.

Canker Diseases

Hypoxylon canker is a disease that normally affects trees that are already stressed from the environment in which they are or from wounds that protrude the bark system exposing the hardwood. This disease normally effects urban trees like Live oaks, red Oak, Blackjack oaks, and Postoak. These are normally known as shade trees and these canker spores appear as a dusty reddish color dust. Hypoxylon is not the root killer of trees normal its the last disease that attacks trees that have already been stressed by their previous unhealthy conduction.

We Can Treat Your Trees For Canker

Hypoxylon canker it nor transmitted to other trees as believed by many in the tree industry. Good healthy trees normally combat it with their own immune system but in more unhealthy stressed trees building up the trees vigor through micro-injections or deep root feeding is normally the only way to help the trees infected.

Bug Infestation Diseases

Insects can come in many deferment forms of attack and pose a possible threat to your trees health. In most cases they will not case permanent damage but in the case of borer beetles that not the case. Borer beetles can cause a significant amount of damages to the vascular system of the tree by boring holes into the cambium of the tree and causing the trees to lose health quickly.

Safe Insecticides For Combating Insects

Normally these are the long horn beetle family or the emerald ash borer beetle. These can cause severe complication to the trees infected and even death. If you notice eraser holes on your trees bark call a trained Arborist as soon as possible to evaluate your trees health.