5 Ways To Make Your Trees Healthy

This will tell you 5 ways to make your trees healthy. Maintaining the health of your trees is of the utmost importance.  Trees not only add beauty throughout your outdoor environment, but they also provide shade and increase your property value tremendously.  They are a valuable investment and should be treated as such. 

Our family-owned and the locally-based company are proud of having provided the homeowners throughout Fort Worth, Arlington and the DFW metroplex area with the best tree health care for over 25 years. Contact us today at (817) 402-2820 and schedule your complimentary consultation.  We will discuss the following ways to make your trees healthy:

1st: Tree Health Assessment

Preventing tree diseases and ensuring your trees remain healthy can be accomplished by having the health of your trees evaluated.  Our ISA certified arborist will closely examine the tree to see if the tree is indeed receiving the nutrients it requires to remain strong and in optimum health.  You will be presented with a tree health evaluation report upon completion of the tree health assessment.  

2nd: Deep Root Fertilization

This treatment is key to ensuring your trees remain healthy.  Many homeowners mistakenly think that topical lawn fertilizer is adequate fertilization for their trees.  That is not the case!  Grass receives the majority of the lawn fertilizer, as tree roots grow much deeper than grass. 

Only a highly-trained and skilled tree expert is qualified to administer this important treatment.  The specific liquid nutrients and minerals the tree needs are injected under pressure directly into the tree’s root zone.  This escalates the tree’s resistance to diseases and insect infestation. 

Trees that receive this extremely important health treatment annually are 95% less likely to become diseased or infested.  Their root systems thrive and the tree’s strength is increased.  In addition, the soil is aerated by the injected oxygen and the problems associated with compacted soil are eliminated.   

3rd: Tree Growth Regulators

Tall tree varieties frequently grow upwards faster than their root systems can adequately support.  The administering of tree growth regulators by an arbor care expert increases the tree’s immunity to destructive tree diseases.  The density of the tree’s root structure increases and the tree becomes much stronger.

4th: Root Pruning

Oftentimes, small trees are planted in close, confining locations.  As the tree grows, its roots can become curled around the tree and eventually the tree will develop girdled roots. 

Girdled roots frequently result in the death of the tree.  This happens frequently to trees that have been planted in decorative pots.  With root pruning, the tree’s roots are pruned so that girdled roots don’t develop and the tree will not suffer stunted growth or eventually end up dying.

5th: Continual Tree Health Care Maintenance Program

This is very important.  Rather than worrying about the health of your trees or wondering if they are declining in health, entrust their care to the best arborist in Fort Worth, Texas.  After examining your residential grounds and the trees on your property, a customized on-going tree health care maintenance plan will be designed exclusively for you. 

Every homeowner has tree health care needs unique unto them.  A personalized tree health care maintenance program eliminates your concern and gives you confidence in knowing that your valuable living investments will always remain in the best of health. These were all the 5 ways to make your trees healthy.

Find Out 5 Ways To Make Your Trees Healthy

Give us a call at (817) 402-2820 and request your free consultation.  Our ISA certified arborists, tree health care experts, and arbor care professionals gladly welcome any questions you have!  To ensure your trees remain beautiful and healthy, entrust their care to Henry’s Tree Service!


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