Signs Of A Stressed Oak Tree In Arlington, Texas

My Oak Tree Isn’t Looking Very Good. What Can Be Wrong With It?

Stress can weaken even the healthiest of trees and make them vulnerable to diseases. Your oak tree is most likely stressed. Turbulent weather such as storms, lightning, and severe temperature changes can stress and weaken a tree. Compacted soil can stress the tree’s root system. An experienced tree company can protect your trees from the damages that stress can cause to trees.

Are There Serious Tree Diseases That Can Make My Oak Tree Sick?

Unfortunately, some of the worst tree diseases known to ISA certified arborists and tree experts target oak trees. Below are some of the most serious tree diseases that can damage oak trees.
Oak Wilt: Preferring statuesque Shumard red oaks, oak wilt targets all oak varieties and no oak tree is safe from it. In Texas alone, millions of oak trees have died from oak wilt infection. This deadly fungal pathogen shuts down the tree’s vascular system and prevents adequate water and nutrients from being dispersed throughout its structure. Infected trees exhibit premature defoliation and leaf discoloration. Oak wilt can destroy the tree in less than six months so it’s of utmost importance to contact a tree care specialist promptly when your oak tree is declining in health.
Sudden Oak Death: As the name implies, this water mold pathogen kills oak trees quickly and there is no known cure. It thrives in wet weather conditions and spreads rapidly via rain and high winds. Infected trees will exhibit reduced foliage, spotted leaves and broken twigs and branches in the early stages of infection but as the disease progresses canker wounds and bark falling will manifest. Once the disease has transcended into the advanced stages of infection it is difficult to save the tree and it will die quickly. Proactive measures are extremely important to prevent sudden oak death from destroying your trees. Contact an arbor care professional immediately if you observe or suspect your oak tree is unhealthy.
Hypoxylon Canker: This fungal disease has become a severe problem in Arlington and the DFW metroplex area and tree experts are actively working to halt its increased invasion and guard the health of oak trees throughout our residential neighborhoods. Hypoxylon canker targets only oak trees that are weak and unhealthy; therefore, protecting the health of your trees is of prime importance. Diseased trees develop yellowed leaves, reduced growth and eventually exhibit brownish-black bark falling. Not only is the tree beyond saving at this point but it becomes unstable and a threat to life and property. An arborist that treats sick trees should be contacted quickly when you first sense your oak tree is infected by a damaging tree disease.

What Can I Do To Improve My Oak Tree’s Health?

It is always best to enlist the professional services of the best arborist in Arlington, Texas to care for your residential outdoor environment and guard the health of your trees. Trees don’t only add beauty to your residence but they provide cool, shaded areas and increase your property value. Protecting your living investments is of prime importance and the tree care specialists will customize a continual tree health care maintenance program that is unique for your residential grounds. The high costs of tree removal, tree replacement and battling serious tree diseases is never a welcomed expense. The experienced tree company will ensure that your residence remains beautiful and that you will have confidence in knowing your trees will always remain healthy and robust.