Signs of Borer Insects in Arlington, Texas

What are Borer Insects?

Wood-boring insects are some of the most destructive insect problems trees can be subjected to and even ISA certified arborists find them a serious challenge to eliminate. The primary reason borer insects are difficult to treat is that the majority of their damage occurs on the inside of the tree. Borer insects invade the tree through the bark and destroy the tree’s vascular system, disabling the tree from adequately dispersing water and nutrients throughout its structure. The targeted tree becomes weak, exhibits premature defoliation and dieback and becomes vulnerable to destructive tree diseases. Small holes on the tree’s bark are one of the only visual indications of borer insect activity.

Are Borer Insects common in Arlington?

Arlington has a problem with borer insect activity and arbor care professionals frequently encountering these insect pests. Clearwing moths and flathead beetles reproduce swiftly and target shrubs, fruit trees and shade tree varieties. Huge black and ivory cottonwood borers are beetles that prefer cottonwood trees but will also invade poplar and willow. The deadly green emerald ash borer beetle only enters ash trees but has already destroyed over 200 million ash tree varieties throughout the United States. Borer insects can only be stopped if treatment is administered at the beginning stages of their infestation.

How can I protect my tree from Borer Insects?

Enlisting the services of an experienced tree company to protect the health of your trees is the proactive way to guard them from these injurious insects. Tree health care treatments that elevate the tree’s resistance to insect infestations and disease are an excellent preventative measure. Deep root fertilization ensures that the tree receives adequate nutrients and elevates its immunity by 95% when administered annually. Tree wounds cause the tree to become vulnerable to serious diseases and insect problems so protect your trees from wounding by weed trimmers, shovels or high activity within close vicinity of the trees. Borer insects rarely invade a healthy tree; therefore, protecting the tree’s health is of key importance.

What can be done to eliminate Borer Insects?

Severely infested and dead trees must immediately be removed by a professional tree service to eliminate these insects from your property. Dead branches and ground debris must be promptly removed as well. Regularly-scheduled tree pruning eliminates eggs hidden in bark crevices and prevents advanced infestation. Insecticide applications and trunk injections administered by a tree doctor are excellent means of destroying borer insects if insect infestation is in the beginning stages. Early treatment is essential to successfully eliminate borer insects. If you sense or observe that your trees are declining in health it is of high importance to contact a tree care specialist promptly.