Tree Branches Dying In Arlington, Texas

Why Are Branches On My Tree Dying?

When you observe that your tree has dead branches or branches falling then the tree could be infected with a tree disease. Contact an experienced tree company and request a free consultation. The experienced arbor care professionals are devoted to caring for the trees and plants in Arlington and adhere to the high standards required by the International Society of Arboriculture. Always contact a tree care specialist when you are in question as to the condition of your trees.

What Is Causing The Dead Branches And Branches Falling Off?

There are numerous tree ailments that are common in Arlington and the North Texas area that can cause trees to exhibit dead branches, broken twigs, and branches falling. The two stated below are both incurable and inflict severe damage to trees.
Sudden Oak Death: Thriving in moist soil and cool, wet spring Texas weather, this lethal water mold pathogen is spreading rapidly throughout Arlington. It infects oaks and other popular shade tree varieties that have been wounded or damaged. Spotted foliage, reduced new growth, and broken twigs and branches are indicative of the presence of this deadly tree disease. Once the disease has advanced then the tree will die quickly. Call a tree doctor immediately when you believe you have a sick tree or you notice any of the above-stated symptoms.
Ganoderma: This highly complex fungal tree ailment is considered by experienced plant pathologists to be the most devastating pathogen infecting trees. Arlington is experiencing a surge in trees that have succumbed to Ganoderma invasion and arbor care professionals are on high alert because it literally destroys the tree from the inside out. Large mushroom-like structures appear at the tree’s baseline and the spores from these growths spread rapidly via wind, rain and water run-off. Premature defoliation, wilted leaves, dead branches and branches falling are further visual symptoms. A severely diseases tree can topple over and threaten life and property; therefore, contact an arborist that treats sick trees promptly when you observe these symptoms or when you have an unhealthy tree.

What Should I Do If My Tree Can’t Be Saved Or Is Dead?

All ground debris, tree stumps, severely infected trees, and dead trees must immediately be removed and destroyed by a professional tree removal service. Professionals who specialize in tree removal are bonded and insured for your protection. Tree removal is a dangerous, complicated process and should never be done by anyone other than an experienced tree removal expert. The tree removal and land clearing professionals will ensure the safety of your residence and they use only state-of-the-art equipment.
How Do I Protect My Trees?
Entrust the care of your trees to the best arborist in Arlington, Texas. Their family of ISA certified arborists, tree doctors, and arbor care experts are highly-familiar with the challenges that homeowners face regarding the care of their trees. The professionals have been devoted to caring for the trees in our community for many years.
Deep root fertilization is an important tree health care treatment! Most homeowners don’t realize that topical lawn fertilizer does not provide adequate nutrients to their trees, so you are not alone. A highly-skilled tree expert injects under pressure the specific liquid nutrients the tree requires directly into its root zone. Soil compaction is corrected from the injected oxygen that aerates the soil. Trees that receive this key treatment annually are 95% more disease-resistant and their root structure thrives.
Contact an experienced tree company and schedule a complimentary consultation. The tree care specialists will personalize a continual tree health care maintenance program exclusively for you. Your trees are valuable investments and increase your property value tremendously. An ongoing tree care maintenance plan will alleviate you of the concerns of tree care and the arbor care professionals will see to it that your residential grounds and your trees always remain beautiful and healthy.
Regularly-scheduled tree pruning by a tree pruning service that uses sanitized tools will prevent infected branches from spreading the disease through your tree’s vascular structure. Tree limbs and foliage must receive adequate sunlight and air circulation and regularly-scheduled professional tree pruning will ensure that they do.
Prevent unintentional wounding to your trees by having your regular lawn care maintenance and decorative plantings addressed and overseen by an experienced tree company. Many serious tree diseases infect trees through wounds and abrasions. Accidental tree wounds can occur from mowers, weed trimmers and shovels. A tree care specialist will ensure that your outdoor grounds are well cared for and that your trees do not suffer unintentional damages.