Tree Disease Treatment in Arlington, TX.

Learn about common Tree Diseases in North Texas. Below is a list of tree treatments we provide for diseases in Texas. If you have more questions about other tree diseases, call Henrys Tree Service of Arlington at (817) 402-2820 for effective tree disease treatments.
Anthracnose is a common disease caused by several related fungi. A condition on trees, ornamentals, & shrubs.
Bacterial Slime Flux
Bacterial Slime Flux, bacterial wet-wood or slime flux is a bacterial infection that affects the central core in bark of trees.
Brown Rot Fungus
Brown rot is a fungus that causes weak, brown, and dead wood on shade trees, fruit trees, and other related plants.
Dutch Elm
Dutch Elm is an aggressive vascular pathogen known as, “DED.” Known in the North Texas region.
Fireblight is caused by active bacterium, a frequently destructive disease on fruit trees, and in all related plants.
Ganoderma, a common fungi subject to the feeder and root system of all shade trees and shrubs as well.
Hypoxylon Canker
Hypoxylon Canker is a fungus that causes cankers and death of oak and other hardwood trees.
Pine Bark Beetles
Pine Bark Beetles, a common Pine bark beetle infestation and destruction is the deadliest threat to stately conifers.
Pine Tip Blight
Pine Tip Blight is a common fungus disease on long leaf pine seedlings and all related pine trees.
Phytophthora, a common rapid spread and toxicity of this destructive fungal invader.
Sudden Oak Death
Sudden Oak Death, a common disease in trees and plants causing dead trees.
Texas Root Rot
Texas Root Rot, a common root rot destroys literally hundreds of popular tree and plant varieties in Fort Worth.


What Causes Tree Disease?

Below is a list of common causes of tree disease:
The environment of the species of tree determines the health outcome.
Unhealthy patterns such as no regular maintenance.
No annual evaluation from a certified arborist.
Unorthodox pruning methods can lead to a diseased tree.
Call Henrys Tree Service of Arlington to receive a free diagnosis from one of our certified arborist.

How To Prevent Tree Disease?

Below is a list of prevention methods for your trees:
Receive proper pruning from a certified arborist.
Annual inspections from a tree doctor or certified arborist.
Consecutive maintenance plans every year or every other year.
Preventative treatments.
Remember if you are concerned for your trees health, call a certified arborist to evaluate your trees before it is too late!

Why Choose Henrys Tree Service?

Henrys Tree Service of Arlington is certified, insured, and an experienced tree service company in Arlington, TX. With over 20+ years of experience in the tree industry. Our professionally trained arborist can help trim, diagnose, and treat your sick or dying trees. For tree disease treatment in Arlington, TX, call (817) 402-2820 for a free diagnosis from a certified arborist! Let us help you save your trees!