Bacterial Leaf Scorch Treatment in Arlington, TX.

Bacterial leaf scorch is a deadly, incurable disease afflicting many popular varieties of statuesque shade trees and causing serious, visible damage throughout established Arlington neighborhoods. Tree experts are battling this lethal tree menace on a continual basis in the north Texas area because the bacterial culprit Xylella fastidiosa targets live oak, laurel oak, red oaks, and numerous other oak tree varieties as well as elm, maple, dogwood, mulberry and a plethora of other beautiful shade trees. The tree's vascular system that disperses necessary nutrients and water throughout its structure, known by tree care specialists as the xylem, is blocked and prevented from functioning properly due to the presence of this destructive bacteria which endures and reproduces throughout the winter months while hidden within the tree's inner tissue. Insects such as leafhoppers, spittlebugs, and treehoppers feed upon the infected tissue and spread the bacterial nemesis throughout the grounds. Leaf desiccation, the drying of leaves, occurs because water is not able to properly travel throughout the tree's vascular system and in early to mid-summer the visible indications of bacterial leaf scorch begin to manifest. As this serious disease will lead to the death of the tree if not addressed immediately, it is urgent to contact an experienced tree company when the leaves begin exhibiting a burned appearance. Bacterial Leaf Scorch Treatment in Arlington, TX, call (817) 583-7689 Bacterial Leaf Scorch diagnosing!

Bacterial Leaf Scorch Disease

The experienced plant pathologist will conduct an extensive investigation of the tree, leaves, and environmental grounds to provide the diagnosis report. Necrosis, the death of the plant tissue in the leaves, is the first definitive indication of bacterial leaf scorch as the leaves begin turning brown along the edges and the browning becomes irregularly shaped as it spreads towards the center. As the disease progresses, leaves will die and the tree will have a thinning canopy, broken twigs and branches, and a generally sickly appearance. The residential grounds will be carefully examined for the insects that feed upon infected tissue and spread the lethal bacteria. Laboratory testing for the definite presence of Xylella fastidiosa bacterium is necessary and is best conducted by a certified arborist in late summer when the bacteria count is most apt to be at its highest. Upon firm confirmation that the tree's affliction is indeed bacterial leaf scorch (BLS), the arbor care professional will provide the tree evaluation report. The tree doctor will prepare, customize and present the immediate treatment needed and the continual maintenance plan required to be overseen by the best arborist in Arlington.

Treatment Of Bacterial Leaf Scorch Treatment

Trees that are exhibiting advanced stages of bacterial leaf scorch or are already dead must be professionally removed by an experienced tree company and destroyed. All infected leaves or branches should be pruned by a tree trimming service with sanitized tools so as to prevent further spread of the bacteria. Fallen foliage and broken ground debris must be removed and properly disposed of. Valuable statement trees should be administered root flare injections by an arborist that treats sick trees and directed by the tree company professional that will provide a one year warranty on any treatment. Maintaining the health of the trees is the best defense against bacterial leaf scorch and soil drenching, deep root fertilization and systemic deep root feeding administered and directed by the arbor care professional will further ensure the tree's health and vigor. This deadly bacterial tree destroyer is capable of spreading throughout your entire residential outdoor habitat and the best arborist in Arlington will ensure that your fears are eliminated and your environment is protected! If you have on your property, call (817) 583-7689 for a free consultation from a certified arborist in Arlington, TX.