Scale Insects

Scale Insects Treatment in Arlington, TX.

With over eight thousand different species, scale insects are the largest insect group in the world and tree experts in Arlington are continuously encountering their damage. These tiny predators reproduce rapidly and thrive in hot, dry summer weather as typified in North Texas. Once they attach themselves to plants they do not move. This makes them frequently go unnoticed. Scale insects siphon the water and nutrients from leaves and the tree or plant will exhibit a weak, ailing appearance. When you notice tiny bumps on your trees or plants and they look sickly contact a tree care specialist immediately! Scale Insects Treatment in Arlington, TX, call

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Diagnosing Scale Insects Tree Disease

The experienced plant pathologist will quickly prepare a diagnosis report after examining the tree's structural integrity and its leaves for scale presence. Scale insects appear as tiny bumps and secrete a sticky substance which attracts ants. Infested trees and plants exhibit yellowing, wilted leaves, and reduced growth. Habitat soil is laboratory tested for the presence of other pathogens because scale damage makes the vegetation more susceptible to other diseases. The Arlington tree doctor will personalize the unique immediate treatment required and the maintenance and care plan necessary to eliminate scale insects and prevent future infestation.

Treatment Of Scale Insects

Maintaining the health of trees and plants is the best protection from scale insects and deep root fertilization supports a strong root system. All diseased trees and plants must immediately be removed by a tree service professional, as well as pruning any infested stems or branches. Insecticide applications scheduled and administered by an arborist that treats sick trees are successful and a one year warranty on any treatment will be offered. Left untreated, scale insects quickly infiltrate the outdoor habitat and ultimately destroy your beautiful landscape. The best arborist in Arlington will protect your residential grounds and eliminate your worry of scale insect destruction! If you have Scale Insects on your property, call (817) 402-2820 for a free consultation from a certified arborist in Arlington, TX.

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