Spider Mites Treatment in Arlington, TX.

Spider mites are a serious insect pest and are exceptionally prevalent in Arlington due to the hot, dry summer weather that is common in North Texas. Tree care specialists are continually encountering their damage to residential outdoor habits because these tiny insects are spread by wind gusts and reproduce rapidly. They siphon the nutrients from leaves and render trees and plants in a severely weakened and visibly marred state. Left untreated, spider mite infestation will result in death to every tree or plant it infests. Contact a certified arborist immediately when you first notice that your vegetation appears damaged or unhealthy! Spider Mites Treatment in Arlington, TX, call (817) 402-2820 for an Spider Mites diagnosing!

Diagnosing Spider Mites Tree Disease

The experienced plant pathologist examines leaves and quickly provides a diagnosis report. Tiny bite marks and discolored, shriveled, dead leaves and silky webs on the underside of foliage confirm spider mite activity. The bark is laboratory tested because spider mites endure the winter while hidden in bark crevices. The Arlington arbor care professional will determine the immediate treatment required and present a customized maintenance and care plan necessary to prevent further spider mite destruction.

Treatment Of Spider Mites

Trees and plants infested with spider mites and all ground debris must be professionally removed and destroyed by an experienced tree company. Regular pruning by a tree trimming service eliminates spider mites before they can spread. High-power spraying and pesticide applications by an arborist that treats sick trees will be scheduled and monitored so as not to harm desired insects that feed upon spider mites. Entrust your beautiful residential grounds to the care of the best arborist in Arlington and know that spider mites will not infest and destroy your trees and plants! If you have Spider Mites on your property, call (817) 402-2820 for a free consultation from a certified arborist in Arlington, TX.