Texas Root Rot

Texas Root Rot Treatment in Arlington, TX.

Throughout Texas and the southern and western regions of the United States, the soil-borne fungal pathogen commonly known as root rot is destroying trees and plants at a sky-rocketing rate! Fort Worth and the surrounding cities are experiencing this devastating destruction in epidemic proportions and tree company professionals in North Texas are aggressively addressing this lethal disease in order to halt its advancement. Texas root rot, as it's referred to in North Texas, is comprised of several different fungal varieties that multiply on dead plant tissue deep within moist, textured soil throughout the winter months and its spores cannot be spread by wind, rain or insect activity. Texas root rot destroys literally hundreds of popular tree and plant varieties in Fort Worth and negatively impacts the beautiful long-established residential areas within the DFW area. This deadly fungal pathogen first begins revealing indications of its presence in early spring when temperatures begin warming and rain becomes prevalent. As this disease advances rapidly, it's of the utmost importance to contact the best Fort Worth arborist immediately and schedule a diagnostic evaluation when you first observe a prized tree is beginning to exhibit signs of questionable health. Texas Root Rot Treatment in Arlington, TX, call (817) 402-2820 for an Texas Root Rot diagnosing!

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Diagnosing Texas Root Rot

A certified arborist will expedite the process for diagnosis, as Texas root rot not only will kill the infected tree within just a few weeks but can spread rapidly throughout the entire outdoor habitat and entire neighborhood and destroy many trees and plants! Weak, stressed trees which having thinning foliage, premature leaf loss and sagging, drooping leaves are serious cause for concern. Areas within the yard that reveal obvious drainage issues or standing water must be closely examined because this instigates root rot. The roots of the sickly tree will be examined and all trees and plants within close vicinity of the diseased tree will have their root systems analyzed in order to arrive at a definite confirmation. Infected trees and plants will have cinnamon-colored strands entangled within the roots and obvious places on the root structure that are dead, decayed or shriveled. Once Texas root rot is confirmed, the best Fort Worth tree service professional will design and present a custom, personalized treatment and on-going care and maintenance plan to prevent further spread of the lethal fungal root disease and protect uninfected trees.

Treatment Of Texas Root Rot

Dead and infected trees and plants must be professionally removed immediately to prevent further infestation. Removal of sickly trees and plants is the only way to aid in preventing the disease from overtaking your outdoor living habitat. Areas with poor drainage issues must be addressed quickly and the use of pine bark mulch, gravel, instituting a regular fertilization schedule and raising decorative plant beds will all be advised and enacted if the certified arborist deems it necessary in order to protect uninfected root systems. Places within the landscape where infected trees and plants have had to be removed may be repopulated with disease-resistant varieties of trees and decorative bedding plants including yaupon, magnolia trees, willow, liriope, Burford holly, morning glory, moss ross, and numerous others. The best Forth Worth arborist will customize the outdoor living area for your unique needs and ensure that dreadful Texas root rot will not inflict its devastation upon your residence or throughout your neighborhood! If you have Texas Root Rot Disease on your property, call (817) 402-2820 for a free consultation from a certified arborist in Arlington, TX.

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