Webworms Treatment in Arlington, TX.

Unattractive white webbing masses suspended in trees are webworms, which are extremely common throughout Arlington, as they target popular shade tree varieties such as pecan, oak, elm, mulberry, and numerous others. Tree care specialists regularly encounter these bothersome pests because they multiply rapidly and quickly mar the appearance of the landscape. Although they eat the leaves hidden inside these webs and webworms do not kill the tree, they do subject the tree to stress and weaken its health and resistance to other diseases. Contact an experienced tree company immediately because webworms will overtake the entire residential landscape quickly if left untreated. Webworms Treatment in Arlington, TX, call (817) 402-2820 for an Webworms diagnosing!

Diagnosing Webworms Tree Disease

A diagnosis report is swiftly provided by an experienced plant pathologist. Habitat grounds are investigated for cocoons hidden amongst leaf debris and in tree bark cracks. Webworm bags will be cut open to examine the severity of leaf damage and to expose the worms to predators. The arbor care professional will determine the treatment methods needed immediately and the best arborist in Arlington will customize the continual maintenance care required to prevent further webworm infestation.

Treatment Of Webworms

An arborist that treats sick trees will remove the bagworms using high-pressure spraying and by slashing the bags to expose the worms to predators. A tree trimming service will regularly prune infested branches to prevent webworms from multiplying. All ground debris and dead foliage must be professionally removed and destroyed to eliminate the insect's desired areas for cocoons. Deep root fertilization and systemic deep root feeding will maintain the tree's root system and health. Contact the best arborist in Arlington and have peace in knowing that your outdoor habitat will remain beautiful and free of unsightly webworms. If you have Webworms on your property, call (817) 402-2820 for a free consultation from a certified arborist in Arlington, TX.