Tree Health Treatments in Arlington, Texas

My Trees Look Great And I Want To Make Sure They Stay That Way. What Can I Do To Protect Their Health?

Your trees are valuable investments and must be protected and well-maintained. Beautiful towering trees greatly enhance your residence. They provide cooling shade and increase your property value tremendously. There are a number of things that homeowners can do to guard the health of their lovely living investments.

Entrust The Care Of Your Trees And Plants To An Experienced Tree Company

The best arborist in Arlington, Texas has many years of experience maintaining the health of trees and plants within your community. ISA certified arborists, tree experts, and arbor care professionals adhere to the high standards that the International Society of Arboriculture is known and respected for. By entrusting the care of your residential outdoor environment to an experienced tree company then you will have the assurance that your trees will always thrive and remain healthy.
Enact A Continual Tree And Plant Health Care Maintenance Program: Every homeowner has a unique residence and their own tree and plant health care needs. The arbor care professional will customize an ongoing maintenance plan to ensure that your trees remain healthy and strong. A continual tree health care plan designed and maintained by an experienced tree company will alleviate you of the worries and responsibilities of making certain that your beautiful outdoor grounds and trees always remain in the best of the condition.
Controlled Watering: Many fungal diseases thrive in standing water and excess soil moisture. Sprinkler systems frequently leave excess water on tree foliage. Controlled watering methods such as soil drenching or soaker hoses administered by a tree expert will ensure that your trees and plants do not become susceptible to destructive fungal pathogens.
Avoid Unintentional Wounding: Numerous tree ailments and tree pests target trees through wounds and abrasions. Mowers, weed trimmers and shovels can accidentally scrape trees and inflict wounds. Always entrust your regular outdoor ground maintenance to the care of an arbor care professional who will see to it that your trees do not suffer unintentional wounds and become vulnerable to tree diseases.

Are There Treatments That Will Protect My Tree And Boost Their Health?

Deep Root Fertilization: We strongly recommend this important treatment! Trees do not receive adequate nutrients from topical lawn fertilizer applications. The highly-skilled tree expert will inject under pressure the specific liquid minerals and nutrients that the tree requires directly into its root zone below grass roots. The injected oxygen aerates the soil and eliminates soil compaction and the problems that can cause. Trees that receive this key treatment annually are 95% less likely to incur tree ailments and their root structures will thrive and not be restricted.
Tree Health Assessment: Performed by the ISA certified arborist, the tree will be closely examined and a diagnosis report will be completed. Frequently, trees may appear healthy but actually be weakened and susceptible to diseases. The proper nutrients that the tree requires will be determined and administered in order to make certain that the tree’s health and vitality are at an optimum level.
Tree Growth Regulators: Mature, tall and fast-growing trees require strong root systems to support their size. Tree growth regulators increase the tree’s root density, boost its immunity to diseases and enable the tree to withstand drought-like conditions. This valuable treatment lasts five years after being administered.
Root Pruning: Trees planted in nursery buckets or decorative pots develop curled roots. Frequently, trees grow larger than the area they are planted in. Root pruning prevents destructive girdled roots from developing, as girdled roots inhibit a tree from dispersing nutrients throughout its vascular structure, can stunt the tree’s growth and often will kill the tree.